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All The Rage None Of The Rules

Made In Spain

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Morc illa

Plant-based. Spanish style black pudding. Rice, onions, mildly spiced. Crunchy, soft, flavour explosion.

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Plant-based. Mallorcan style Sobrasada. Fermented cashews, paprika. Tangy, melty, spreadable goodness.

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Simply put...if it doesn’t taste amazing, what’s the point?
Food, siesta, sun and nightlife. We know what we stand for and we’re proud of it. Our mission is simple. For everyone on Earth to be able to enjoy ALL the food part.
We’re not rebellious but slightly mischievous.We don’t like being told what to do, or how to do it, because we know what’s good but strive to make it better.
We all know what this is about - less natural resources used (like water and land). No animal agriculture and its devastating effects. No cholesterol, saturated fats, gluten or antibiotics. Only healthy carbs, proteins and fats from plant sources.

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Would you like to spice up the menu at your restaurant/bar? Or sell IVERICOS at/in? your shop or deli? Maybe you’d like to offer new plant-based options at your client’s wedding...

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We're a plant-based company that makes Spanish products that are ridiculously tasty.

We're all about respecting Spanish culinary traditions and bringing a fresh (plant-based) twist to classic recipes.

Our products are packed with deliciousness with none of the guilt. So if you're into doing things differently, and not sticking to the rules as much as we are, come give our products a try!



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Morcilla and Apple Phyllo Cups

Crispy tartlets that combine sweet, salty and crunchy.

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